Galaxy S3 On The Horizon – Is iPhone Scared?




Despite the fact that there have been leaks to the rumor that a Galaxy SIII was going to be announced in May, it seems that Samsung are pushing forward and looking to announce it in April .

The president of Samsung China, has reportedly been quoted as saying they are pushing for an April launch “In order to increase the sales of the Galaxy S3 as well as the Galaxy Note (their tablet) which is already very popular in China.”

According to BGR, the Galaxy S3 will boast specifications of :

- 4.8″ Display with 1080p Resolution (current size of S2 is 4.27″)

- Quad Core Exynos Processor (current S2 processor is Dual Core)

- Android 4.0 Ice-Cream Sandwich Operating System (Current S2 O/S is 2.3 Gingerbread)

- A slim case made of ceramic.


So Samsung have been very blunt and said they want to release it quickly in order to increase sales.

Should the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 be scared?

Yes !

The Galaxy S2 although not completely catching up with the previous incarnations of Apple’s iPhone series, did make a serious impact on the mobile market with many critics and customer reviews to back up it’s excellent design and functionality.



The S3 is looking to get a head start before Apple’s new beast is released, and with them riding on the wave of success from it’s predecessor it’s looking like they’ll get a very fast start.

However, Apple has one thing that it has invested in heavily through all of it’s products that Samsung unfortunately can’t match, and that’s brand loyalty.

Although Apple make excellent products and their innovation is nearly unparalleled, there are some products out there that are as good, if in some ways not better than their own range, but Apple make sure with each and every product that they release that you, as the consumer understand that a lot of thought, design, work and emotional investment has gone into each of their own portfolios so that you feel as emotionally attached as they do.

It works!



Rarely will you see an iPhone user trade in their device for another model, unless it’s the upgraded version of their current one and if the specs that are rumored are anything to go by such as :

- 3.7-4″ Quantum Dot LED edge-to-edge glass

- Higher Retina Display Resolution


- Quad Core Processor

- 1GB of RAM

- 3D Camera

- Wireless Charging

- Face Recognition (including in Photographs Self Timer, allowing the photographer to enter the photo and detect his/her face before taking the photo)

The key for Samsung is not to convert iPhone users to their upcoming S3. The key is for them to focus on the rest of the market. The Nokia’s, Blackberry’s, HTC’s and steal some of their thunder (although that shouldn’t be too hard these days when it comes to Blackberry).

By focussing on the competitors that are all desperately trying to catch up on the smartphone leader, we could well see a photo finish in the near future between iPhone and Galaxy S Range.

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