iCarta – iPod Dock / Toilet Paper Holder


OK. Things are starting to get a little bit crazy when it comes to iStuff. There’s every accessory available out there when it comes to Apple’s products. Having said that, I have to bring you this – the iCarta!

The iCarta is…. an iPod Toilet Paper Holder Docking Station. Yes, don’t adjust your screens, you did read that correctly! Now you can really get to grips with Joan Jett & The Blackhearts ‘I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll’ song (if you don’t remember the alternative words for this, look it up!) Not only does the iCarta do what it’s supposed to do – hold toilet paper – it’s also an iPod dock with 4 high performance speakers. Just sit yourself down, hook up your iPod and join in to your hearts content. It will even charge your iPod for you whilst you ummm…wait. If this all sounds a bit ridiculous, it is, but I have to say it’s a cool way to play music while you’re in the shower, or as a sound buffer for those of you who are shy when it comes to peeing!

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